In this blog I will present commented discussions on the advantages and disadvantages of various art resins; discuss how to prepare flowers for use with resin and which flowers have worked best/not worked for me. I will be presenting interviews and discussions with other pressed flower and resin artists. I will have a "tip of the day" section.

I'm hoping that lots of you contribute; comments, arguments and disagreements are always welcome. Resin is such a complex medium that we all have something to learn. Besides, tweaks and even new resin products are coming out all the time.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Resin and Flowers: How I Started

After this post I promise I won't talk about myself, but this once I thought I'd answer a question frequently asked: what made me start in resin.

In the 60's in college I bought a green glass two-sided pressed flower pendant. I loved it and still have it.  For years I thought about doing something similar, but I didn't have time (and the will) to start a new craft until about 6 years ago, when I kind of burned out on machine knitting.
I looked on line for embedded flower jewelry, realized I didn't want to work with stained glass, and found resin. There wasn't a whole lot of anything on line 6 years ago but I found Envirotech Lite, and Easy Cast. I bought a couple of books on pressing flowers, started to raid my husband's garden, and started. I basically just experimented for the first couple of years, and most of my experiments were pretty awful. I did come out with a few pieces that are still nice today, but that was the exception.
    I gradually improved, and more important, started following the directions and being more careful (patience isn't my strong point) and my jewelry started improving. I actually sold several hundred dollars of jewelry in my first craft show 4 years.   But in the last couple of years, new products have come out and lots of other more experienced resin artists are now on line.  Furthermore, there are lots of pressed flower experts.  I belong to the World Wide Pressed Flower Guild,(online) where many of the top pressed flower artist in the world congregate, teach, and commune.

I started selling on Etsy a year ago. Since I continue to work full time, I haven't devoted a whole lot of time or energy promoting; but I've been honored to do several custom orders, for wedding and funeral flowers, besides selling my jewelry online on Etsy, occasionally on EBay, at craft sales and off line. I'm getting near (partial) retirement and am devoting more time to my crafts--fancy panties and resin flower jewelry. I continue to devour everything I can find online regarding resin, and posted several times on Etsy forums.

I was looking for an active blog on resin-flower jewelry, and really didn't find any, so here we are!


  1. I am so proud of you keep up the great work . thanks for the shout out for our great guild too!

  2. Don't stop posting about yourself, I love hearing people's stories and inspirations!

  3. Glad to have stumbled on your blog. Your work is wonderful and I agree, don't stop blogging about your work!