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Monday, May 16, 2011

Do You Believe in Fairies?

I'm honored to present published artist's Tauna Anderson's, with  works from Etsy shop Pressed For Time:  as well as some unpublished works. Her art is so incredible I keep going back to look again.

How did you get started in your art?
I was a little girl when I pressed my first four leaf clover between the pages of my favorite book and sandwiched it tightly between the others on the shelf. I enjoyed spending time with my Mother outdoors in the yard and garden. She loved growing things and had a green thumb that I envied.


Many years later, my own passion for flowers began when my sister invited me on an “adventure”, to pick and press flowers for a local business. I and my husband exchanged roles and I left for most of the summer while he stayed home with the kids. An adventure indeed!

Both of my parents are very artistic and I had always been supported and encouraged to be creative. At the end of the season I could not wait to make my first pressed flower picture. It was a simple wreath I entitled “Summer’s End”. I worked and played with my sister and the flowers for another summer and upon my return the business of Pressed for Time was born. I added my name to a growing number of individuals and companies who were exchanging pockets full of posies for an income.

What other type of art work have you done
During the next 15 years I was able to stay home and help support my family through my floral creations. I started out with a dozen designs and added cards, bookmarks, soap and candles to my growing business.
I enjoyed the summers with my children gathering flowers from our own gardens and the beautiful Rocky Mountains.

I always had a flower press in the trunk and if something was growing and I liked it, I would try and press it. During that time I wrote and published a book entitled “Pressing Flowers for Fun and Profit.” I outlined the steps I had learned and some of the “tricks” to picking, planting and pressing perfect flower petals. Also included was advice on what kind of flower press to use and ideas for pressed floral gifts.

How did you start making fairies?
A few years ago, I was inspired to experiment with my craft and created a series of angel and fairy images. I was very pleased with the outcome and continued to let my imagination and nature inspire other magical creations including mermaids, dragons, frogs, and elves, all made from pressed flowers, leaves and greenery. I call this unique artwork “Petal Painting.”

    Eventually I was able to have my work photographed and offer prints of many of my designs. The affordable prints captured all the vibrant textures, colors and magic of the originals and I soon turned my attention to making one-of-a-kind designs. Last summer I wrote a children’s book and illustrated it with the fantasy flower images that had been inspired by the fairy tales my mother told me when I was young.

Toward the end of last year, I was asked by DreamWorks to submit a concept for their consideration using pressed flowers as my medium. I chose a very challenging image (for me) from the movie Shrek ll. It turned out to be the best work I felt I had done although it was not chosen for licensing. I surprised myself with how far my artistic abilities had come since I pressed my first four leaf clover.

My latest project has been a portrait of Christ that I finally decided to try after the image kept coming to my mind. It was my first attempt at trying to capture something that needed to look as close to the subject matter as possible. With a desire and much inspiration, I have been able to bring my feelings about Jesus and my love of flowers together in another pressed floral design. Last year I pressed some white lilac and was disappointed that they turned dark brown. However, I have learned to never throw any "mistake" away. The deep copper color and texture ended up being perfect for the hair and beard of Jesus.

Currently I would like to find a publisher for my children's book and a place to display my original art. I am working on making a series of mandalas from pressed flowers and listening for inspiration for my next project. I would also like to learn more about computers and marketing my work on the Internet.
Pressed flowers and the art they have inspired have come a long way since their early popularity during the 1800’s. Now, everyone can enjoy this revived craft with the desire to preserve a flower memory and a phone book. Almost any growing thing can be pressed but for beginner’s success, start with something simple like a violet or pansy. Removing the moisture as quickly as possible is the secret to bright true colors.

What is your favorite flower?

I have enjoyed working with so many different flowers it is hard to decide on a favorite. One of those however is Columbine. One fresh or pressed Columbine is a piece of artwork in itself. I use their "curly tails" in a variety of my fantasy art for that perfect delicate accent to a mermaid's hair or a fairy wing. I adore the brilliance and color of fall leaves and the soft hues and fragrance of rose petals.

I still love opening a page of pressed flowers and being flooded with the fragrance and memories of those early years and the everlasting beauty that pressed flowers represent. There are certain icons that are universal and timeless in their meaning and flowers seem to have always been the perfect symbol of love and caring. What is more original and unique than the single petal of one of Mother Nature’s creations?

To plant a seed in the ground, take care of it and watch it grow, is a spiritual experience for me. Along with the enjoyment that flowers bring, I have been grateful to the little beauties over the last 20 years for helping me be able to support myself and my family and satisfy my creative urges. If you would like to see more of my work, please visit or my Etsy shop.

Tauna, than you so much. Your art is awesome!

Hint of the day:
 When I pick flowers for my jewelry, I generally gather a whole bunch, and press them. I always have some left over at the end of the season. However, I've found that  with some, only the most recent flowers do well in resin. After the flowers have been sitting in their envelopes for a month or two,  buttercups and  pink verbena degrade and every flaw is shown in the resin.  I have started putting the flowers in the jewelry right after I take them out of the press; once in resin, they stay looking good.
Thank you so much for visiting my blog.  I really appreciate your comments and your supporting the artists I interview.  Chris

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